The JavaLobby (now asked to republish my article on human “resources.”  I was happy to oblige!

I think the theme of the article touched on a strong undercurrent in the developer community.  My blog post received more than 6k hits over the weekend, has the highest number of comments of all my articles, was republished on JavaLobby, Reddit, and others, and each of the publishers has received a bunch of comments on their repost.

There’s clearly something to the idea that we’re more than just “resources.”  But this is not a new theme or idea.

Forrester Research published a similar article not long ago:  Similarly, there are several links in the comments of my blog article echoing the same sentiment.

The times they are a-changin’.

This is such an easy concept to grok and an easier one to change.  I suspect that more organizations will begin to rename their “Human Resources Department” to “Human Talent Department.”   It’s definitely more PC and it’s a sign that organizations value the talent their employees provide more than they value the warm body in a cold seat.  That is, unless you’re a government contractor, in which case you really do just want warm bodies.