Business Rule #17432: When travelling on business, work!  There are no interruptions.  There are no kids demanding attention.  It is quiet and it’s the perfect time to focus.  There is no one to answer to about anything, so open the laptop, turn off the TV (why it is even on?), and get to work.

Business Rule #9813: Unless your job requires you to schmooze clients and ply them with liquor, don’t drink.  Not only does it impede Business Rule #17432 above, but the last thing you need is to be hungover during the big conference the next day or not as quick as you’d like to be.  Get to bed early and hit a home run while you’re away.  You’re away from your family, you are sacrificing something, so make it worthwhile!

And this is just a suggestion, but try to get the elite hotel room: 1337 (for hackers only)