I am an independent technical consultant specializing in internet development, database-backed web applications, and enterprise integration. I have developed both back-end and front-end architectures for large and small clients, and I am currently employed by a large software firm in the healthcare industry as a Software Architect.

Philosophy & Methodology


All software should be simple, or as Einstein would say: “Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

Simple means:

  1. a user interface that is intuitive and easy to use.
  2. a coding style that emphasizes readability and maintainability.
  3. software that Just Worksâ„¢ all the time.


Good software starts small. A website with just a few pages provides immediate ideas and talking points as to what comes next. When developers and clients are coupled in a tight feedback loop, great software evolves.


A test driven development philosophy creates software that always works. Why does it work? Because the tests say so. Tests are automated so that a single click runs the entire test suite. Tests that are simple to write and easy to run ensure the highest quality software.


Software that’s developed iteratively is always ready to ship. There are no delays. In fact, the idea of
“Release early, release often”
is epitomized by iterative development.

Frequent releases are a boon to custom websites. Customers and clients will notice your website continually improving. Additionally, Search Engine Optimization ranks websites higher that are continually adding fresh, new, relevant content. That’s a fancy way of saying Google and Yahoo! searches will find your site first because it is constantly being updated.

Contact Me

My simple and iterative development methodology focuses on end-user experience, client needs and quality.
I can develop the robust and scalable web applications you need. Please contact me for rates and availability.